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Personalized Research for Patients

Personalize My Medicine can help you by researching into the specific questions that you have regarding your rare disease or cancer depending on the specific issues that you or someone that you are caring for, are facing

How can I get in touch?

Contact us via our Contact Form or email us at

What is the next step?

We offer you a free initial 20 min video call to identify the specific questions that you would like us to look into

What happens next?

Next, we summarize our call and send this to you by email, confirming the questions and topics that you would like us to research into on your behalf

How much will it cost?

We provide you with a quote based on the number of hours that we estimate that the research is likely to take and agree this with you with before proceeding

What kinds of questions and topics can you look into?

We can research into the latest medical research that has been published on your condition, identify experts in the field, contact and communicate with experts on your behalf, identify clinical trials that you may be eligible for, identify and inform you of the last medical innovations such as medical devices, apps, and gadgets that may be relevant to your condition. We can also identify which research groups or biotech and pharmaceutical companies are working to develop drugs or treatments for your condition and keep you up to date on the latest advances.

We provide you with an easy to understand personalized research report together with references, that you can share with your doctor and health care providers

Please Note: PMM´s personalized research service is informational and we do not provide any medical advice.

We encourage you to share and discuss our report with your doctor and/or healthcare provider.

Cartoon of patient and doctor stood next to a PMM report

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