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We are seeking volunteers with a strong Life Sciences background, a demonstrable interest in medical innovation and healthcare, and experience with social media platforms.

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Rosemary Lavender

Rosemary Lavender is an MSc Psychiatric Research student at King’s College London. She is researching alcohol use in patients with Schizophrenia and how this may confound current knowledge of the Glutamate hypothesis of Schizophrenia. She hopes to continue her studies with a PhD in Biostatistics next year.

Currently, Rosemary works for Cygnet Healthcare in an acute psychiatric care facility, where she enjoys assisting a wide variety of patients with their recovery. She has also worked as a Research Assistant for the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, which specialises as the UK gender identity development service for under 18s. There, she researched gender in Autism as well as early-intervention programmes that can best help the UK’s gender diverse youth.

Rosemary is enthusiastic about volunteering with PMM. She strongly believes that by empowering patients to use research, they can be more autonomous in their healthcare journey. She is excited to be a part of that journey with PMM.

Aside from her work life, Rosemary loves travelling, learning languages, and illustrating chalk boards for local businesses!


Anis Balliel

Anis Balliel joined Personalize My Medicine in 2020 as a volunteer. She applied to volunteer with PMM as it compliments her interests in both digital health and patient-centered medicine. Anis fully supports PMM´s aim to improve the quality of life of people by researching the latest and relevant medical information and through creating meaningful connections between professionals with specific expertise. She is particularly enthusiastic about the uniqueness of Personalize My Medicine in terms of  its evidence-based approach which provides fully referenced research reports to patients.

Anis gained a BSc in Abnormal and Clinical Psychology from Anglia Ruskin University in 2018 and completed her MSc in Psychiatric Research at King´s College London in 2020. She has experience working hands-on with patients who have been diagnosed with various psychiatric disorders. Anis has also worked as a community mental health project coordinator in the UK and within this role, established a new mental health and wellbeing information and signposting service in West London. Recently, she has started a new positionas an Associate at Eli Lilly.

Hugh Pemberton

Hugh Pemberton is currently researching neuroimaging (MRI) in dementia at University College London. Prior to this, he spent time working in the fields of medical writing and Healthcare PR to gain experience in communications and the pharmaceutical industry. Hugh has a BSc in Neuroscience and an MSc in Neuroimaging, both from King’s College London. He intends to start a PhD later this year. Hugh has also spent time researching rare dementias and stroke at the Florey Institute, University of Melbourne. His current research is focused on imaging biomarkers in dementia and his specialities include MRI acquisition and the processing and analysis of a variety of different neuroimaging modalities. Hugh works in therapy areas including dementia, brain tumours, stroke, and speech pathology. When not working, Hugh enjoys travelling, playing several sports, cooking, home brewing, and live music.

In Hugh´s words, ´Through my work in medical writing and science research, it has became clear that translating discoveries at the workbench into beneficial treatments for patients is of paramount importance. I’m thrilled to be volunteering with Personalize My Medicine as it gives me the opportunity to see both sides of the story: both searching for innovation in my lab and helping others discover the myriad of new and exciting research and treatments happening right now.´

Radhika Narayanan

Radhika Narayanan is a freelance Digital Health analyst and researcher. She currently works as a freelance Health IT news curator at https://www.healthcareguys.com/. Radhika holds a Master’s degree in Biochemistry, MBA in Hospital administration and an Advanced Diploma in Bioinformatics from India. In addition, Radhika holds a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) certificate in Health Informatics from the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh (RCSEd). Radhika is mainly focused on the functional aspects of designing healthcare systems which includes requirement specifications, Graphical User Interface (GUI) reviews, and product validation.

Radhika’s interests lie in researching the usability of hospital information systems in delivering care. Digital Genomics and socio-technical aspects in the design and implementation of a Healthcare IT system are her main areas of interest. Radhika also has a particular interest in the area of Digital Mental Health and spends some of her time researching on the various mental health apps and wearables that help patients to manage mental health conditions.

Radhika is excited to be volunteering with PMM and is hopeful that PMM will serve as a potential platform to showcase emerging trends in medical innovations that can offer new promise for developing personalized therapeutics and tools. She feels that PMM can be an efficient means to bridge the treatment gap between the clinicians and patients to help ease patient care and help to move the concept of personalized medicine forward.

Radhika is interested in collaborating with healthcare start-ups, NGOs, and educational institutes within the Health IT field to explore the options available resolving practical problems in healthcare with the help of technology. More details about Radhika can found at http://digitalhealthwrite.com/