Dr Sharmila Bakshi is the Founder of Personalize My Medicine. She has a PhD in Molecular Microbiology from the University of Oxford, an MSc in Molecular Genetics from the University of Leicester, a BSc in Biochemistry from the University of Kent at Canterbury, and a GDL (Graduate Diploma in Law) from BPP Law School, London.

For her PhD studies on the molecular genetics of Neisseria meningitidis, a bacterium that can cause meningitis and septicaemia, Sharmila studied a set of seven genes of the bacterium and investigated the protein encoded by one of these genes as a potential vaccine candidate.

Following her PhD, Sharmila took up a Marie Curie postdoctoral fellowship at Sanofipasteur in Lyon, France, where she carried out a research project to analyze the genomes of a set of Neisseria meningitidis strains using DNA microarrays.

Sharmila next travelled to Vienna, Austria, to take up a position as a Scientist at the biotechnology company, Intercell (now Valneva), where she was the project leader of several different vaccine projects within the Molecular Microbiology department. She next returned to London, to take up the position of Project Manager of the Malaria Vectored Vaccines Consortium (MVVC), a consortium of eight partners including the University of Oxford and four academic institutions at sites in East and West Africa. The aim of the project was to trial a malaria vaccine candidate developed by the University of Oxford.

Sharmila has also worked as a consultant to biotechnology companies. In her spare time, she enjoys painting, writing, and being in nature.



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                                                                                  OUR VOLUNTEERS



Anna Tran

Anna Tran is currently in her second year at University College London (UCL), studying for a BSc in Applied Medical Sciences. Her main interests are in Immunology, the Human Microbiome, and Global Health. Anna was motivated to volunteer with PMM because she has seen first-hand, from her own experiences of volunteering with in-patients in hospital wards, the positive impact that patient-proactivity, confidence in their treatment, and being well-informed about their medical condition has on patient recovery. Anna is driven to promote PMM´s initiative to the public by summarizing and promoting exciting research, technology, and innovations to make this information more widely accessible.

Aside from her studies and volunteer commitments, Anna has been inspired to remotely record, edit, and host podcasts with her university friends during lockdown. She also enjoys putting her art and calligraphy skills to use by illustrating on and decorating windows and chalkboards for small businesses and market foodstalls. Anna joined PMM in April, 2021.



Reema Ramrakka

Reema Ramrakka is currently in her final year at Swansea University Medical School, studying for a BSc in Population Health and Medical Sciences. Her main professional interests are within the financial sector, and specifically in the areas of Healthcare and Real Estate Investment Banking. Reema greatly enjoys the research and analytical elements of her degree. She applied to become a volunteer at Personalize My Medicine because of PMM´s unique initiative in providing tailored support to people with rare diseases. She believes that this is a great cause for people who may find it challenging to determine which information may be useful and relevant to them, given the overwhelming amount of scientific and medical knowledge information that is available today.

Reema is passionate about helping patients because of some of her own personal experiences. She hopes to help both patients and PMM by seeking new and creative ways to reach as many people that are in need of this support as possible. Her hobbies include creating posts for her skincare page, Dermapolitan (instagram @dermapolitan). She has a passion for learning about new developments in dermatology and using her creativity. Reema hopes to bring her creativity to PMM by helping to create informative and engaging posts and videos.

Reema also enjoys going to the gym and swimming and she is very much looking forward to obtaining her swimming instructor qualification this summer. Reema joined PMM in April, 2021.


Rosemary Lavender

Rosemary Lavender is an MSc Psychiatric Research student at King’s College London. She is researching alcohol use in patients with Schizophrenia and how this may confound current knowledge of the Glutamate hypothesis of Schizophrenia. She hopes to continue her studies with a PhD in Biostatistics next year.

Currently, Rosemary works for Cygnet Healthcare in an acute psychiatric care facility, where she enjoys assisting a wide variety of patients with their recovery. She has also worked as a Research Assistant for the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, which specialises as the UK gender identity development service for under 18s. There, she researched gender in Autism as well as early-intervention programmes that can best help the UK’s gender diverse youth.

Rosemary is enthusiastic about volunteering with PMM. She strongly believes that by empowering patients to use research, they can be more autonomous in their healthcare journey. She is excited to be a part of that journey with PMM.

Aside from her work life, Rosemary loves travelling, learning languages, and illustrating chalkboards for local businesses! Rosemary joined PMM in the summer of 2020.



Anis Balliel

Anis Balliel joined Personalize My Medicine as a volunteer in early 2020. She applied to volunteer with PMM as it compliments her interests in both digital health and patient-centered medicine. Anis fully supports PMM´s aim to improve the quality of life of people by researching the latest and relevant medical information and through creating meaningful connections between professionals with specific expertise. She is particularly enthusiastic about the uniqueness of Personalize My Medicine in terms of  its evidence-based approach which provides fully referenced research reports to patients.

Anis gained a BSc in Abnormal and Clinical Psychology from Anglia Ruskin University in 2018 and completed her MSc in Psychiatric Research at King´s College London in 2020. She has experience working hands-on with patients who have been diagnosed with various psychiatric disorders. Anis has also worked as a community mental health project coordinator in the UK and within this role, established a new mental health and wellbeing information and signposting service in West London. Recently, she has started a new position as an Associate at Eli Lilly.