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Welcome to Personalize My Medicine

We provide personalized research into your condition with a special focus on rare diseases and cancer

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PMM aims to research, inform, and facilitate advancements in healthcare for people who want to be more proactive about their health.

We are actively working to help individuals with rare diseases and cancer to research their conditions and to inform them of the latest developments in medical research. This includes researching into treatments that are either available or in development, clinical trials that they may be eligible for, helping them to identify experts, and making them aware of relevant medical innovations. Please refer to our FAQs and About pages for more information.

Personalize My Medicine was created to address the growing need for a platform for medical innovation that places people and patients at the center. Our aim is to integrate disciplines and to research, inform, and facilitate advancements in healthcare for anyone who wants to be more proactive about their own health. The recent explosion in the number of medical innovations being developed and announced, means that even researchers and doctors are finding it difficult to keep up with advances, let alone apply them to their work. We are actively working to develop systems and tools to help you to apply this knowledge as we believe that awareness alone is not enough. For more details, please see our FAQs and About pages.

We look forward to engaging with you! Bookmark this page and follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, to stay informed on the latest discoveries and medical innovations from new genome sequence-based technologies to 3D printed tracheal implants and organs on chips. To find out more about personalized and precision medicine and the latest topics in medical research and healthcare such as gene-editing, mHealth, digital health, and Big Data approaches, take a look at some of the videos on our Facebook page. If you are interested in working with us or sponsoring us, please get in touch via our Contact page.

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Nowadays, faced with a worrying medical condition, most of us go straight to the internet and Google to do some research. Although there is a great deal of information available, it is often quite a challenge to find the most useful, relevant, and reliable sources of information. In the last decade, certain patients have begun to undertake significant research themselves and their efforts have been truly inspiring. While recent advances in technology have made this possible, carrying out such research is an enormous undertaking for most people, particularly when they are also patients or are looking after a family member with a serious medical condition, and especially if they do not have a scientific or medical background. The emotional burden, combined with the time and resources required to research, analyze, and make progress with a condition, are substantial. Personalize My Medicine takes a scientific and professional approach to help you to both identify and apply information in consultation with your healthcare provider. In addition to this, following consultation with you, we identify the latest medical innovations and services relevant to your condition, whether they be drugs, diagnostics, devices, wearables, apps, or other.

In cases where current research indicates that there are very few (if any), options for patients with your particular condition, we may be able to help you to set up your own research network. Our approach involves identifying and objectively assessing potential collaborators for your research network. This approach is one that is used by most biotech and pharmaceutical companies because it ensures that you have the relevant information available to you, to be able to make decisions about which individuals and organizations you would like to include in your network. This means that every stage, you will be able to decide how and with whom to proceed. In some cases, this may involve setting up a crowdfunding campaign to support your efforts. Personalize My Medicine has established its own crowdfunding platform, which is available to both patients and innovators. We can help you to both set and up and run your campaign here on this site.

If you are a medical innovator, whether you are a researcher, medical doctor, rare disease expert, or inventor, we invite you get in touch with us so that we can be aware of your work for both existing and upcoming crowdfunding projects, and consideration for involvement in our research networks.

We are particularly interested in hearing about projects that address orphan diseases, (which includes both rare and neglected diseases).

With your permission, we will include you in our innovation database and you will be able to submit proposals for crowdfunding campaigns to be run on this site.

There are over 7000 existing rare diseases, with further rare conditions being discovered every week. The vast majority of these diseases have no drug or treatment available on the market or currently in development. A unique convergence of advancements in both medicine and technology means that there has never been a better time for each of us to collectively address and make significant progress towards treating and potentially eliminating rare diseases. In addition to helping you to research and set up networks for rare disease conditions, we can also help you to crowdfund for specific projects.

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